It is hard being me…

A15 Picture 15

My son said, “It is hard being me

I asked my son, “Who else do you think Jesus would want you to be?

Because through your own eyes, you can clearly see

See the purpose  He has chosen for only you

And you know what son?  I think your new book will encourage the world too”

As I marvel into your autistic eyes

Not understanding the mystery of autism, but knowing through encouragement, we can soar on wings like eagles in the skies

Isaiah 40:31

He came back later in the day

For he just had something else to say

“Mom, you know, it is not hard being me

I mean who else in the world would I ever want to be?”

He then gave me the sweetest smile and as he walked away

He turned around and said, ” See Jesus whispered in my ear,

‘I will always take care of thee'”

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