A teenager who speaks…

I am blessed because of I have a teenage boy who speaks to everyone he meets. And not just, “Hi.” It is more like, “Hi how are you doing today?” If he goes with me to a store, he speaks to many people. The other day we were in a store because I was in line returning a dress that didn’t fit my daughter. As we patiently waited, I knew he would not be able to remain quiet for long. As he studied the children’s books for sale, an elderly lady stood behind us.

My son looked at her and asked, “Hi, ma’am do you have any grandchildren?” She was so excited that she engaged in immediate conversation and told him about her grandchildren and great grandchildren. I observed. During this exchange between them, my son replied, “Oh wow!” Then I was called up to do my exchange, but before going to the cashier, I listened to my son say, “Okay, ma’am well you have a blessed day!”

Okay! I am bursting at the seams now! See, this sweet elderly woman did not know the most important thing I sometimes think I need to share with people ( you know just in case my son blurts out something odd)…my son has autism! I did not have to share this with her and later during my quiet time, God revealed something to me, “Please don’t take for granted how Ethan displays himself to the world.” And sadly, many days, I do. This is not typical behavior for a teenager, but because he is the only teenager I have, I do not realize until I look at other teenagers. I USED to want Ethan to be like other kids, but my greatest desire today is, “I want other teenagers to be like my son.”

All this lady saw was a tall handsome, acne-free (oh thank you I don’t have to deal with this too!) kind TEENAGER who cared enough to speak and then to sprinkle sugar on top, engage in a conversation!

Technology is destroying our kids in so many ways. Whenever we see teenagers today, most of the time, their faces are buried in a iPhone. Not only do they ignore people they do not know, they ignore parents too. I read an article that the technology gurus who have developed all these amazing technological advances do not allow their children to play on technology. Why? Because it is addictive! This addiction leads to lack of communication which leads to many problems inside thousands of homes.

And to think, as a young child, I wondered and cried and prayed my son would one day speak to people, including me. Today, his life brings joy to the world because he is a beautifully and wonderfully made and he is a teenager who speaks!

A teenage boy

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