How Many 2nd Chances Are Enough?

I woke up fuming this morning as my husband turns on the Sports Center channel as he gets ready in the master bathroom.  Story after story about this Ohio State, WR Coach, Zach Smith.  You deserve much more than firing!  You deserve the horror of living with nightmares that your ex-wife suffers with from the hands of her abuser- YOU!

I am speaking as a daughter of a Mom who was domestically brutally abused so I have a right to vent….I just completed my Mom’s amazing story called, SPARED FROM THE ABUSER, MY PAIN, MY PURPOSE.  Many times while writing, I became ANGRY at my own Mom for putting up with my abusive father.  BUT, I have never walked in her shoes nor Courtney Smith shoes.

I hear over and over after the a list of excuses are told after the incident of the first abuse, “Well, they are probably never going to do this again.”  Before you know it, the 2nd chance that was given to an unworthy spouse becomes a normal pattern of abuse- many times where children are now part of the equation….

I look at women like my Mom, Esperanza, and Courtney as amazing brave women who are empowered to share their story with the hope of helping others find the same courage.  You should not be labeled a victim, but rather a hero, in my opinion.

We hear the phrase now, “If you see something, say something.”  Well, this should pertain to domestic abuse too!  Why were the coaches and head staff covering for this evil man?  Did he abuse his players too?  I do not care if they all get fired because some accountability needs to come into play.

I hope in the coming months when my book gets published, you too, have the opportunity to read how one amazing woman’s story turned from immense pain to immense joy as she established a mission in her home country of Guatemala.   It will truly INSPIRE you!

No domestic abuser deserves a 2nd CHANCE!


Let me say it again, no domestic abuser DESERVES a 2nd CHANCE!!!!

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