The Gift Giver…

Based on a true story…

Can a ten year old little girl be labeled, “The Gift Giver”? I believe “Yes.”

Due to the many blessings her family has been touched with, a ten year old learned to share her blessings with others at a young age. Tucked under a jewelry cabinet, inside her room, is a simple baby blue tote with monies. From time to time, making great grades, working extra hard on chores, doing things without being asked, or caring for others, brought change and dollar bills to this simple plastic tote.

When the day came for monies to be taken to school to purchase candies that help the PTA club, the young ten old, eagerly, rushed to her tote to gather the money to take to class. Her Mom inquired, “Now, I do not want you to buy that much candy, Sweetie, so only take a dollar.” The little girl articulately explained, “Mama, it isn’t all for me. There are several kids in my class who cannot bring money because their parents do not have extra to spare. I am using these monies to make sure no classmate is left out.” Gosh, that Mom felt proud and said nothing else.

Before she exited school that day, fighting back tears, her Mom shared her daily words of wisdom with her mature daughter. “Be a blessing to someone today and see how a surprise blessing will come back to you!”

When the time at school came for the kiddos who had monies to go to the library to purchase the candies, it was obvious many kids were going to be left out….UNTIL, the little girl raised her hand and announced, “I have extra monies today so anyone who did not bring change can go to the library with me and get at least one candy of their choice.” And so a line of kids happily went down to the library. She kinda forgot to figure out ahead just how many kiddos she could help. Kids picked out their favorite candy as the little girl stood beside them and paid. And the kids used good manners and thanked her appropriately. Then the time ran out and the bell rang to go back to class. The little girl thought, “Oh no! I didn’t even have time to shop.” She was determined to shop so she rushed to pick up something and when she put it down to pay, she realized as she fumbled through her wallet, “There was only .10 in her wallet.” It was NOT enough money! So, she had to walk back to class feeling sad. The other kids were so excited to get candy that they did not wait for her and on her long journey back, she started to cry. She kept saying to herself, “It is better to give than receive.” With these words, more tears streamed down her rosy cheeks.

She did not want the other kids to feel bad because it really did thrill her heart to see just how happy these classmates were. She knew on most visits to the grocery store, she could get some candy so she did her best to clear her throat and wipe her tears before coming back into the classroom.

The teacher then instructed the kids to get their color cases out of their backpacks because they would need them for the next activity. Still feeling deflated, the little girl pulled her baby blue tote that held her colors from her backpack and came back to her desk. Then when she opened her case, some loose change fell out. She sat amazed and then began to count the loose change. She counted exactly .40 in change and if she added back to the .10 in her wallet, she had a total of .50– the exact amount needed for a candy sold in the library!

Then she sensed a presence say, “When you share the monies in your tote with others, I will place new monies in another tote to share with you. I love you, The Gift Giver.”

Her day ended so happily as she rushed, after lunch, to the cafeteria to purchase her candy and since she really was full, she shared half of it with a good friend!

When her Mom picked up after school, she asked about her daughter’s day because she knew it was wonderful after her daughter’s heart of sharing with her classmates. Her daughter’s response, “I shared my blessings with others so God did a miracle and shared more blessings with me.”

Her Mom smiled and replied, “Remember, you can never out give God.”

Does God care if a little girl gets a piece of candy? Yes, He does.

No matter our age, may we all learn to be “Gift Givers.”

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