Just some apples….

basket of applesI once heard this story and it is very powerful, but in my quiet time, Jesus shared a way I could expand it to share about Him more deeply so here it goes:

A businessman was running with his co-worker through the airport on this Friday afternoon determined not to miss his trip back home after a long week away.  He knew how happy his wife and kids would be to see him when he walked in the door that night because they were going to wait up for him.

Running as fast as they both could with briefcases and carry- on luggage in hand, they ran past an airport food cart and this man noticed two women standing there.  As he got closer his briefcase bumped a basket full of apples and they went flying across the floor.  He stopped for a moment only to hear his co-worker say, “Leave it or we won’t make our flight!”  In this split second, he wanted to listen and run away, but something told him to do the right thing and turn around.  He waved his co-worker off and turned back around feeling heavy in his stomach because he knew he had just missed his flight.

When he began helping the ladies pick up the apples as people whizzed by so rudely, he was shocked to see how the one lady was only feeling around, but not really looking on the floor.  She was fast at collecting the apples though.  When they all stood up with most of the apples collected back into the basket, the one lady thanked him for helping, but the other lady posed a question as she moved closer to him.   Then he noticed, she was blind!She asked him, “Sir, are you Jesus?”…He smiled, but didn’t know what to say since all the apples were ruined.  He replied, “No ma’am I am not.”  He handed the other lady a $20 bill and apologized for bumping into their basket.

Now he made his way to the gate where he could pick any seat he wanted since the gate was now empty from his plane that just departed.  He needed a moment to himself before calling his wife and telling her what happened.  He kept hearing the words, “Are you Jesus?”  As he sat alone, other thoughts raced through his head.  His secrets of watching pornography over and over and saying, “This will be the last time.”  Then finding himself back watching it again and again, but keeping it from everyone who loved him.  And yet, someone just asked him if he was Jesus.  What did this all mean?

He went to church every Sunday with his family.  He was baptized at a young age.  Overall, he was a hardworking great guy who had a dark secret side.  He felt dirty as he sat there because he said aloud, “You are not like Jesus you are a hypocrite!”

In those moments, he felt like someone was sitting with him as he heard a small still voice, “This happened to open your eyes to the truth.  On the outside you seem like one person, but on the inside you are another person.  What would you really be like on the outside if the inside was cleansed?  Forgiveness is yours, but you have to ask.”

He began crying as he sat in the corner at this gate.  He talked to Jesus for over an hour and asked Him to forgive him as he sat alone in this big airport.  From this moment forward, he found another man he could trust to be his accountability partner as he battled his addiction to pornography.  Healing came, but it took time and he failed many times, but never gave up.  In time, his desire for pornography was completely removed and he anticipated the day he would hear another person ask, “Sir, are you Jesus?”….

Matthew 7:7

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