Never too old for cookies!

554c0f09-bf8d-430d-943b-bd414adf6a5aBack in the day of “Leave it to Beaver”, Mom’s wore their finest clothes to make dinner with their strand of pearls and perfectly done hair, oh and high heels!  We cannot forget high heels…WELL, this is truly a depiction of HOLLYWOOD glamour and if we watch an episode today, we laugh.

But, there was a Mom, a Mom named Cookie,  who wanted to “make her mark” on her children and for generations to come.  See, this mom made her children homemade chocolate chip cookies every single day that the children were in school.  OK, take a deep breath!  But, yes, she made homemade cookies for her children every single day!  And what is so special about it, this was one of her most favorite times of the day….when the children arrived home from school off the bus, they soon took for granted the amazing aroma of fresh baked cookies daily.  And you guessed it, she was a stay at home mom…but still!  Beautiful relationships formed as her children would open up about their day at school and trials they faced as their Mom, Cookie, watched them enjoy every delicious bite of her homemade cookies.  It was as if she had sprinkled a “tell me about your life” potion on the cookies so the children were willing to allow her to be a part of their lives.  They learned the importance of communication and family.   Later, they would go outside and play…isn’t that a new concept?   Too, the children would take cookies to school everyday to share with their friends because their mom made a whole batch of one dozen….so they spread the calories!

Something began to happen as the years passed by.  Her children grew up and got married and her daughters did the same for their children…now the cookies were not fully homemade and there was no longer a full batch, but when this mom came home from work, every evening she would take a few frozen cookies out from fridge and bake them for her children and so the tradition kept spreading.  And the beautiful relationships kept forming, the communications stayed open, and the family bond grew.

When Cookie turned 90 years old, instead of a cake, all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren made homemade cookies – some looking lopsided like a young child had definitely made them, but the cookies were made with love AND they formed the number 90 with the cookies to present to a woman, a Mom, Cookie  who had taught the family about “making a mark” that will last for generations.  Something else remarkable – her children all remained in healthy marriages because they were taught about the importance of communication by the acts of kindness instilled in them through their mother, Cookie.

What “mark” will you leave on  your children, or it is never too late, your grandchildren that will help them later in life and continue for generations to come?


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