We ALL have this in common…

No matter what year you pick, we all have this in common….A birthday!

And, we all want to feel special on our birthday too!  No matter your age- -feeling special never goes out of style and never gets old!  As we get older, we seem to reflect more on birthdays as we look back at past mistakes and successes.  We plan for a future of dreams that may seem a little less possible, but dreams that have taken root in our hearts so we know deep down inside, they will blossom one day!  What seems impossible to us is readily possible for the one who made us!

With age, a blessing also comes– the blessing of wisdom!  We have walked roads we do not want others to walk and we have walked roads we hope everyone will walk!  Our goal should be to guide others so they walk the roads less traveled- the ones guided by God!

Does it matter if you receive a card or some flowers or a gift card on your birthday?  My answer is YES it matters….you are to be celebrated for the celebration is happening in heaven as God is so proud knowing He made you and me!  He did not make a mistake when He made us!  Wouldn’t it be cool if God could send down balloons from heaven to remind us a party is taking place in our honor?

Today, my birthday, I am going to remind myself how special I am to at least one- my Creator…if He knows I love Him, and He does because I told Him so this morning, then this is another “best” birthday ever!  We are never guaranteed another birthday on earth so celebrate what you can offer the world….THEN GO AND OFFER IT!

We can allow circumstances or that milestone age (YIKES! I am how old?)  to weigh us down because Satan wants to steal our joy all year long and ESPECIALLY on the one day we should be grateful to be alive!  Our BIRTHday!

“Happy Birthday” ….find someone to wish Happy Birthday to this year!  Remind someone that they are worth celebrating!….birthday-picture-2

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