Let the long weekend begin…

For most parents, kids will be out of school on Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

Unfortunately, parents who work, like me, still have to work.  These extra holidays may be great for the kids, but not so much for Moms.  This is where I believe having relatives with teenagers or friends with teenagers can really come in handy.  Allow those kiddos to sleep in and have a responsible teenager come to your home and keep them for the day.  Give the teen a few small chores like fold a load of laundry, wash the dishes, etc. to see if they would be a babysitter worth having back.  We need to instill hard work into our children.

If you have things you enjoy doing, take this opportunity that you would normally set aside for getting kids ready for school to do something (during this span of time) just for you, Mom….for me this is writing or having an extra long personal devotion time…very refreshing to the mind and soul….which will may the week go even better.

Or Mom it may be sleeping in a little later on Monday too…go ahead you deserve it!


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