Listening skills…

Love or L.O.V.E.  – Listening Obviously Values Engagement

How well do we really take the time to listen to our kiddos when they talk to us or especially when the younger ones want to share a story with us?  Ouch!

With social media and addictive technology, listening is almost a thing of the past. We as Moms have to be very careful because if we do not listen to our children now, they will not be willing to share things with us later.

Listening to our kids can give us so much insight into their likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses.  These can be teachable moments for us ( learning to truly listen) and teachable moments for them (giving careful feedback, sprinkled with some seasoned encouragement) ….try drinking a full glass of water as you stop and listen.  This takes a little time to finish which can keep us still long enough to listen!  AND it is great for your body too!

Now grab that bottle of water and be ready for the moment when you are asked, “Mom can you listen to me for a minute?”….Yes, I can!


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