About Mary…

I am a Southern Gal through and through and live in the outskirts of Memphis, TN.  I love that I am able to use this gift that has been given from above to encourage other Mom’s and whoever may have an interest in some of my writings.  I absolutely love to use my gift of encouragement to well, encourage others!

For some beautiful reason, I started my writings by writing poetry and published in 2011 Potter’s Hand Poetry and I tell people, “This is a love story between Jesus and me”.

I am expanding my writing talents with many genres of writing like:  Delta Heat, murder mystery; Submissive Wife, suspense; This little blue light of mine, children’s; Ram in the Bush, romance; and my favorite, a biography, Spared from the Abuser’s Hands, a journey of Hope…a real life story about my mother’s abuse, my mother from Guatemala, from the hands of my American father- her husband.  She was spared from a life of unforgiving those who hurt her most and founded a mission in her home country.  A powerful story of triumph in spite of tragedy. ( note:  many of these books are not yet released so stay tuned for future release dates)

In the coming days, I am proud to present my newest book, Marvel in your Autistic Eyes, Character lessons from my son which is a journey with my son. We are sharing with the world the amazing character qualities children with autism don’t struggle with and highlighting those so people can understand their beautiful worlds.  There are many pages full of laughter and we definitely need laughter, with or without autism in our lives.

my family

Mark, Mia Faith, Ethan, and Mary with doggies Renegade and Rocky

As a Mom, I fail every day, but God picks me up and reminds me He has given me the greatest blessing in having a child or children who call me–Mom. For me, M.O.M. means making opportunities matter.  My children teach me and I teach them daily.  We learn things together which makes it more enjoyable because, “when we stumble, we make it part of the dance.”

So, if you enjoy encouragement and sharing, then I hope you will join me and begin following my blog because, “I am a Mom, You are a Mom, and We all need a Mom.”

Just journeying…


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