The “awe” of the paintbrush…

11351989_964295816969942_1554629890_n[1]Yesterday was another day of rushing out the door to get two kiddos to school on time….But, God had a way to slow me down as I had an “awe” moment of the majesty of his paintbrush.  As I was pulling out the long driveway, I saw off to the left side the most beautiful lavender sky in the sunrise!  I literally had to stop the car and announce to the kids, “Look at how God is showing off today because he knows we love purple!!!”  …they are used to my PRAISE outbursts!

I think he smiles when I brag on him so to top it off, once again in the early evening, we loaded into the car and headed off to piano and tumbling…it was really too cold to leave the house! Anyway, as I was heading down the road, I look off in the distance as we headed to our destination and there was the most beautiful pink sky I had seen in sometime.  Once again, I feel like stopping the car so I could just take it all in, but since I was on a main road, I could only start driving slow which is definitely not this Mom’s routine!

Here’s praying you can having a few “awe” moments this week as you praise the splendor of his paintbrush through something that slows you down and just makes you stop and smile…and maybe just maybe, it is being grateful that you are a Mom!

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