A child’s persuasion for the letter “A”

My 7 year old daughter is very much like me.  She loves to tell very long stories and it takes her awhile to get to the point…any Moms understand?

As a young girl, I remembering trading all the time with my friends.  We would trade junk and my best trades were clothes.  I have noticed my daughter doing the same thing because she comes running off the bus holding new and sometimes not too new stuff all the time.

Today she walks up to me and says, “Mom you know why I have this locket with the letter “A” on it?”  This Mom already knew it came from one of her many trades because it was slightly tangled up.  As we were untangling it, I said, “No, I am not sure why you would have a locket with the letter “A” on it since your name is Mia Faith.”  She looks up at me so convincingly and says, “Because the “A” represents the 3rd letter in my 1st name or the letter “A” represents the 2nd letter in my 2nd name.”  WOW~!  What a smart little cookie.

Now this doesn’t make much sense, but because she wanted to wear it, she made it make sense.

I stopped for a moment and wondered all the times that I try to convince God that something really makes sense when in reality to him and maybe others it really doesn’t.

When we allow him to guide us through the hectic days, not only will life make more sense, but we will begin to uncover our purpose in life.  Now today, I give Mia Faith an “A+” for the beautiful creative mind she has been given…


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