The shoes dream…

I heard a beautiful story that I wanted to share with you.  It was a lady being grateful for the career she had for nearly thirty years as a preschool teacher for the special needs children.

She had a little boy in her classroom that had spina bifida (baby’s spinal cord doesn’t close completely during formation of the spine).  He was paralyzed from the waist down and had to wear leg braces on every part of his legs.  It was difficult for him to comfortably take the morning and afternoon naps.  The teacher really wanted to make it easier for him to sleep so she would take off his braces each day.

One day, after she had taken off his braces and shoes, he started screaming, “I want my shoes back on, please put my shoes back on.”   She didn’t want him to become so upset as she rushed to his side and asked, “Sweetie why do you want your shoes back on while you are sleeping?”  This precious little boy replied, “What if I want to dream that I am running?”…

As I heard this story with tears streaming down my face, it reminded me of the many dreams that IIMG_9089[1] have and yes, most of them seem quite impossible, but I reminded by my Heavenly Father that with Him and only Him, all things are possible!

It only takes childlike faith to dream the impossible dream and I picture this little boy dreaming as he is running to Jesus with his dusty filled shoes as he says, “I will be back to play tomorrow”…

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