An Underachiever?

 Talk about pulling 2014-07-23 18.48.43at your heartstrings…my 13 year mildly autistic son asks me today, “Mom what does an underachiever mean?”  Most his age would probably know this; however, he is not most 13 year old boys.  I felt an ache immediately in my heart as I explained to him, “An underachiever is someone who may not do as well as others in an area”  Then I asked, “Why do you ask me?”  He sort of laughed it off and said, “Some boy, a bully, called me an underachiever in sports.”  Then he said, “I am just joking.”  I think he knows this “mother tiger” can get quite upset when someone is bullying my son…any Moms understand?

Sadly, I knew inside he wasn’t joking and he couldn’t just come up with this out of the blue.  I then said, “You know something, son, we are all underachievers in one thing or another, but you know what the great news is?”  He perked up and asked, “What?”  I said, “We are also overachievers in other areas of our lives.”  Thank you Lord for letting me think this quick…I must have gotten a great night’s sleep.  I went on, “See life would be very boring if God made us all the same and we all underachieved in the same thing and then overachieved in the same thing.  See, he made us each a little unique so this world would have all sorts of amazing people.”

He answered, “Yeah, like I am an overachiever in technology and video games.”  I laughed and said, “Yes, I am definitely an underachiever in technology and video games, but I hope to work hard and get better in those areas.”  I melted when I saw a “look of confidence” come over him…I want to bottle up those sweet memorable looks especially today in a world where we seem to tear each other down.

So today, continue to master what you are really good at and become the best you can be and don’t let negative words take root in your mind or they will blossom and prevent you from showing the world how uniquely you were created to be…there is none other like you.  Thank you son, for reminding me of this beautiful truth…



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