Random Search?

imagesJZ85EH1NOn an almost 300 mile drive today as I work full-time, ( yes I need a good back rub) being in the car gives me much time to listen to many programs and spend much time in prayer.  As I was listening to a program, I thought and wanted to pose this question which deals with character and evaluating ourselves even when sometimes that doesn’t feel so good.

What if you received a knock on the door and for 30 minutes someone was allowed to enter your home and do a random search?  Stay with me here!  Stop for a moment and ponder, like I did, what would they find out about me?  Would there be anything I was embarrassed for them to find on an email, some texts, google searches, a closet full of clothes I may never wear ( I mean how many pairs of shoes does one person need?) children’s clothes stuffed in closets because I am trying to impress people at church, etc… you get the idea.

If there is something you may regret someone finding, then pray about it and get rid of it.  Because you can’t be all you need to be for your kiddos, family, and friends if you are struggling with guilt because you know that random search would hurt you and others.

We all know the phrase Character is who we are when no one is watching… well, God is always watching.  If you have the courage, ask him to help you because I promise if you stop and ponder the question…”What would they find if they did a random search of me?” and then he will bring to your heart and mind some things that he wants you to change…how many hours are you spending on social media when you could be playing a 30 minute board game with your child, trying new hairstyles on your daughter, or having your son play his favorite video game while you doing nothing but sit and watch him and enjoy watching him win!  Yes, that means being still!

Here’s the great news….The random search question will also reveal many things you are very proud that someone would find out about you like all the thank you cards laying around for the good deeds no one sees, a corny drawing that you proudly placed on the refrigerator, dusty shoes showing you and the kids enjoy playing together, and in those moments Jesus will whisper, “Now search me and you will find me when you search me with all your heart“… and then he will begin to pour his unexpected blessings into your life Mom!  and then you can say, “Welcome to my home”…

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