Funny, but true story…James. P. Sullivan

Since I recently wrote a more serious topic and since I love to laugh, I decided I would share a light hearted, funny story that came from my son who never ceases to amaze this Mom.  You can find this story and others in his book that hasn’t been published yet called Marvel in your Autistic Eyes, Character lessons from my son.

In 4th grade, his teacher said that the students needed to pick someone they really admired to write about…Yes, I just knew he was going to pick his dad or maybe “super MIMG_1336om-me”…nope, not my son.

His teacher text me later in the evening telling me how proud she was of Ethan for selecting someone in his family that he really admired and wanted to know who this man was.  I asked her, “What is his name?”  ( come on Dad maybe she will type your name back since I didn’t make the cut).  She replied, “James P. Sullivan.”  then she asked, “Do you know him?”…I stopped for a moment and said to myself, “Where do I know that name, gosh I have heard that name”…then it hit me so I began laughing as I replied, “Yes, I do.  He is the character from Monster’s Inc. and Monster’s University.”  We both caught a big kick out of it….his answer was so eloquent, my gosh he even inserted a middle initial for goodness sake!  Maybe he mistook this crazy-haired monster for his Mom’s crazy hair in the mornings… who knows?

This Mom has some great news…we never have to worry about being so eloquent ( fluent or persuasive in writing or speaking) when we want to talk to Jesus.  “Come as you are,” Jesus whispers.  He loves to visit with us and he sends this Mom many funny moments that I can cherish that only a special child can bring….. now make someone else laugh!

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