Valentine’s Day Challenge: Kindness Counts

I have a challenge I want to pose this Valentine’s Day to make 2016 the best Valentine’s Day fimagesRYPT3P7Aor many people…what you ask?  Good.

I was pondering, like most, what in the world would I get this husband of mine because for goodness sake, we just celebrated Christmas.

It occurred to me….the most beautiful gift at Valentine’s Day, since it is about expressing love, is for my family to do something selfless for someone single…SFSS

As a married person, we look forward to Valentine’s Day so we can post all the wonderful things our spouse got us so we can brag on and on so the world of FB and Twitter can see when behind closed doors, the love story may be anything but love… instead, how about we do something truly genuine and authentic and not for show?

Ok time for the challenge:  How about this Valentine’s Day, you do something special with love for the single parent…SINGLE MOM’s and SINGLE DAD’s…Gosh, you parents are amazing because you have a double role to play while still working.  Great news:  God is watching and this Valentine’s Day, I pray he will reward you with an unexpected blessing.

Everyone one of us can find or know a single parent….But if you don’t, here is some ideas to find one:  ask a friend, ask someone at work, go by a church near your home and ask for a single parent who goes to that church ( you do not need to know them or they do not need to know you- sometimes the best gifts are anonymous).  Then some suggestions might include:  movie tickets for their family, a gift card for coffee, a Valentine’s card letting them know you are rooting for them and praying for them ( then don’t forget to pray- they need it!) and I suggest a funny card because we all need a dose of laughter, some cash, a grocery store gift card to help them in their single role…the list could go on and on.

For many of us, this may entail completely “stepping out of our comfort zones”…just remember KINDNESS COUNTS and you will be blessed…. And the greatest part is when we can allow our kids to be a part of learning what it means to be selfless because we are smothered in a world of selfishness…. literally smothered and covered.

My Valentine gift would come if I could hear some heartwarming stories of how you made a single parent’s life just a little sweeter this Valentine’s Day and you know what?… I bet you could write this down as one of the best Valentine’s Day ever in your own little world because kindness counts! and the more you show kindness, the more joy will come your way…  so, Happy Valentine’s Day!

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control”…Galations 5: 22-23



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