Sprinkle some “Cl” in that dish of _ _ _

images[6]I was listening to a Republican candidate running for President. As he was speaking, my 13 year old son with autism walked by in the exact time that this candidate chose (This candidate chooses on a frequent basis), to blurt out a cuss word so my son said in a loud tone, “Yes we are going to kick Isis ass!”  I had to stop and sigh for heaven’s sake!  I was not upset with my son for repeating something that should be a time when we can  watch as a family and use platforms to educate our children about our nation and teach them at a young age to pray for our great country and to pray for our leaders – all of them.  Yes, I had to correct him and explain to him this was a wrong choice of words.. I do not even like when my kids say “butt”…I correct them and rather hear “bottom”…I am from the South and I guess, “old fashion”…but, I love it!

As a Christian, I pray daily for our next President.  Many people say, “Why even bother because the end is near?”  Shame on you!  We should pray and the privilege we have is our right to pray just about anywhere…people in the U.S. are trying to take this away from us too.  If we faithfully pray, God will answer.  Yes, I have candidates that I am watching and supporting and I have candidates that I am not and I share this with my children and why I believe the way I do.

When we begin to use the platform of the “leader of our great country” as an entertainment platform or a popularity contest ( this is not one of your beauty pageants, sir)  instead of the seriousness in which it should be held, we are in dangerous waters.  This is not the next Hollywood reality show, this is real life and I want the best future for my children and grandchildren.

So “Mr. you know who you are” I want to give you this season labeled “CL” for you to sprinkle on your choice of word:  ass.

When you sprinkle it on, and sprinkle lots of it, it turns the dish into CLASS. 

Please show some class when you are speaking publicly because families, young children and yes, children with autism are watching you!  AND, they are voting!

Check out this inspirational article below!


Why this advocate with autism is encouraging everyone to vote

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