Sprinkle some “Cl” in that dish of _ _ _


images[6]I was listening to a Republican candidate running for President. As he was speaking, my 13 year old son with autism walked by in the exact time that this candidate chose (This candidate chooses on a frequent basis), to blurt out a cuss word so my son said in a loud tone, “Yes we are going to kick Isis ass!”  I had to stop and sigh for heaven’s sake!  I was not upset with my son for repeating something that should be a time when we can  watch as a family and use platforms to educate our children about our nation and teach them at a young age to pray for our great country and to pray for our leaders – all of them.  Yes, I had to correct him and explain to him this was a wrong choice of words.. I do not even like when my kids say “butt”…I correct them and rather hear “bottom”…I am from…

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