Did you take my cookies?…

images4NNAXXGINow don’t mess with a woman, especially a stressed out Mom and her cookies.  What a delight to enjoy something sweet in life.  Laughter is a another sweet thing for the soul.

I want to share a poem from my book, Potter’s Hand Poetry and since it was one of my favorites, I have added in my memoir too about my son with autism.

Do we make assumptions and judge people wrongly?  …yes, we all do, but we can look at the life of a child with autism and through their beautiful lives, they can teach us to accept everyone no matter what, yes no matter what!…hope you enjoy a poem that shares this truth!

The Cookies

Once a lady was in the airport ready to catch her flight
But knowing the flight would be long, she decided to pick up a little appetizer, no instead, a sweet bite
So she bought some discounted cookies and some tea
And sat down in a little café beside a man sitting very closely
She proceeded to open the box of cookies and took one out
And then the man took a cookie, too, very confidently without any doubt
She became infuriated, but continued to keep her cool
Thinking to herself as he got another cookie, “Can you believe this fool?”
She sipped her tea and ate another cookie as she bit her tongue to refrain from saying a nasty word
For if she started to lash out, the entire airport probably would have heard
She would get another cookie and then the man would take one, too
Until it came down to one cookie left- so now what would they do?
Well, the man beat her to it and broke the cookie in half
And ate his half of the cookie and left her the other half and now all she could honestly do was sarcastically laugh
Finally it came time to board her flight
She picked her things up and headed to the plane with a fuming look of anger showing on her face to let him know that what took place here was not alright
As she boarded the plane, she decided to get her magazine out of her bag
And inside her bag lay HER box of UNOPENED cookies with the discounted price tag
A feeling of embarrassment and remorse came over her
For she allowed, in her judging moment, so much anger in her heart to stir
And here was this man who was so gracious to share HIS box of cookies in her mistake
And even left half of the last cookie for her to take
So be careful before we judge
Because so many times, for no reason, we hold a grudge
And what if Jesus held a grudge toward you or me
We would do our best to avoid Him as we would constantly flee
But instead He doesn’t judge us by being angry
He judges us the only way He can- so lovingly
So learn this lesson today
“And judge not so you will not be judged in the same way”…Matthew 7:1-2
Leave the judging for Jesus to do
And just be thankful for His forgiveness so abundantly seasoned with His mercy for me and for you…

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