Why do you shun me?

social-challenges-of-children-with-adhd[1]This title immediately makes me feel yucky all over.  We have all experienced it, some more than others, and it feels downright lonely and makes us feel unwanted.

To shun:   persistently avoid, reject, ignore

Now let’s turn the tables for a moment…ouch!  How do you think our Creator who knew us before we were in our mother’s womb feels daily when we shun Him?

We dread getting out of bed just quick enough to start our day and the 1st thing we begin with “I don’t have time for you right now Jesus”

I see a Father who strokes us in the morning to push the hair away from our face so we can wake up in a good mood with hopes that we will say, “Gosh, it feels good getting up 15mins earlier today just so I can sit in the still quiet room and be in your amazing presence.”…this is how a true relationship with Jesus begins…then things in our day start going much better for us and then we build on the most important relationship we could ever have.

The next day we sleep over and feel so overwhelmed before our feet hit the floor…trust me, I am speaking from experience.

The 15 minute and then 30 minute conversations with Jesus turn into – “a 3am wake up call” from Him where time is not limited and we can spend as much time with him as we want and need.  The amazing part…you go back to sleep at 4am after spending an hour with Him and you wake up at 6am feeling like you have just had 12 hours of sleep…because things that seemed important are trivial in the scheme of things.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear in our Spirit as Jesus speaks, “Thank you for taking the time to spend with me today and cherish our time like I cherish you”…

I never want to hear my Heavenly Father ask me, “Mary why do you shun me?”  Instead I want to picture my Heavenly Father with his arms wide open as he says, “What are we going to visit about today, my child?”…

Opposite of shun:  to cherish, approve, encounter, admire, to face


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