May this day go away…

4722712-A-hand-holding-a-dry-erase-marker-x-ing-days-of-the-month-off-of-a-calendar-Passing-of-time-conecpt--Stock-Photo[1]Have you ever had a really bad day?  Of course, we all have.  Maybe today is not going so great for you.  Well, then this devotion was created for you.

As I was driving my kiddos to school the other day, I am sure it must have been a Monday ( those seem to be one of the most unpopular days ) …my daughter said, “I wish this day was already gone,”  Her comment hit me so I wanted to use this as a teachable moment for me and for her.  I asked, “Why?”  She replied, “because I have so much work to do today and I am ready for this day to already be over.”

I replied, “Well, you know someone is having a birthday today and we may not know who it is, but they never want this day to end because they will probably feel really special all day long.”  Then I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that she was intently listening and then I continued, “What if something wonderful was supposed to happen to you today, a beautiful blessing that God wanted to deliver to you, but because you wanted today to go away, you miss that something wonderful because you got your way?”  …yes, I know the poet in me just comes out naturally:)

She thought for a moment and then put that priceless-a-little- toothless smile on (she is 7) and said, “Well, I don’t want to miss my blessing.  You are right Mom, I want this day to stay.”

How about you?  If you are having a really bad day, why not stop for a moment and silently ask God to send you a beautiful blessing today so you can thank him for another day He has given you and in return, with a changed attitude, I bet you will be a blessing to someone else today who needed some “positive kindness” sprinkled into their day too… Jesus whispers, “I will bless you so you can be a blessing”

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