What kind of A.R.K. will you build?

noahs-arkWhat kind of A.R.K. will you build?  What kind of Acts of Random Kindness will you build this week?  Would you build an ARK in a stranger life’s?  Would you build an ARK so big that it draws media attention and everyone has to see because this was your intent?  Would you build an ARK that is so tiny even you would feel ashamed?…stop and ponder this for a moment and ask yourself, “What kind of ARK do I build in this very dark world where it looks like there is no rain in sight?”

We are given so many opportunities to share with our Earth- Acts of Random Kindness and it doesn’t take going on some far away mission trip before we make this a part of our everyday life.  I want to challenge myself and my family this week to be building an ARK all week – many that no one will see except the most important one- Jesus.

When we change our focus on other people, not only do we find more joy inside, but we also feel valued because in someone’s time of need, Jesus chose us to be the instrument (building an ARK) for this perfect time and perfect  place.

Some noteworthy examples:

  • Taking in an elderly neighbor garbage can or checking their mail for them
  • Picking up trash in a public bathroom so the janitor won’t have such a mess
  • Placing trash that has polluted our beautiful green Earth in a trash bin
  • Praying for someone who is hurting ( it may be a stranger you heard through FB or the news)
  • Praying for our country
  • Sending a sweet card to someone just because you know it will make their day when they receive it
  • Sending a text to say “I love you” and “praying for you” to a loved one

Your ARK has to begin with ONE and then before you know it, your ONE turns into TWO and so forth…

Then from your beautiful ARK many new ARK’s (Acts of Random Kindnesses)will be built…

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