The blame game…

imagesThis Mom can be a speed demon when needed and yesterday was a great example of what not to do.

As the kids and I were rushing out the door to get to piano on time, I slightly hit the brake and hurriedly crossed over a main highway to make it on time.  Well, a police officer watched my “slightly hit the brake” maneuver and soon pulled me over…now, for sure we were going to be late.

As he approached my window, he asked, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”  I answered, “For speeding?”  He replied, “No, you basically ran the stop sign back there when crossing over the highway and that is very dangerous.”  I knew he was right…OUCH!

He then wanted to know why I was in such a hurry…I wanted to yell “Because I am always in a hurry”, but instead answered, “I was trying to get my kids to piano on time.”

He proceeded to get my license and insurance card and make his way back to his patrol car.  I started getting mad inside…believe it or not, at myself!  How stupid because now I was going to have to come up with extra money for a ticket that could have been avoided.

Then I noticed something:  My kids eyes were completely GLUED to every movement I was making….WOW, God was using this moment and I didn’t want to blow it.

I calmed myself down and allowed God to speak through me as I said, “Guys, I just want you to know that this is not your fault.  This is Mama’s fault and I deserve this ticket even though it is hard and I am frustrated at myself.”  They still seemed startled and continued to be silent and stare at my every move.

Then I said, “When the officer brings me back my ticket, I want both of you to personally thank him for his service and protecting our city.”…They said, “Yes, ma’am”

My 7 year old daughter must have been watching out of the corner of her eye because she said, “Here he comes Mom.”  He approached my car and said, “Ma’am I am not going to give you a ticket, but please be careful because it is not worth hurting you or your kids to be a few minutes late.”  HE WAS RIGHT!  Did he just say he was NOT going to give me a ticket?

I then said, “My kids have something they want to say to you officer.”  With the windows rolled down, they both at the same time said, “Thank you for your service officer.”  I then looked him right in the eyes and with tears welling up I said, “God used you today to remind me to slow down because it is not worth being in an accident and I deserved the ticket you were going to give.  AND, thank you for your service and protecting us each day.”  He thanked me and walked away…probably the one shocked now.

I allowed the blame to stay on me where it belonged and when I did, I was able to see something good from this bad situation and deep down,  “I hope I made this officer’s day!”…


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