Mini me…



I was sitting down on the floor last night playing with my “just groomed” dog and my 7 year old daughter plopped down beside me and said, “Look Mama we are wearing the same sweatpants except mine are a lighter gray than yours.”  Later, this very statement played over and over in my head because just a few minutes earlier she was wearing different clothes.

I felt Jesus nudging me with, “She wants to look exactly like you and she wants to act exactly like you”….gosh, this is worse than the paparazzi following you because I actually care what my daughter sees and copies.

I found myself awaken by Jesus at 3:33am and made my way into the living room to visit with him for awhile because He is my very best friend.  During my prayer I said, “Jesus, Mia Faith wants to be exactly like me in every way and I want to be exactly like you in every way.”  I truly want people to see Jesus shining through me and feel like they have visited with Jesus when they leave from a visit with me…well, we know that is impossible everyday as we sin and sin some more.

This made me more aware of just how much are kiddos long to be just like their parents and this is where bad habits are passed on just like great habits are passed on.

When  you pray for your kiddos, pray for yourself too so you can have many “Mini-me”qualities of Christ shining through your beautiful life….

(Picture of Mia Faith and me doing mission work in Guatemala)

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