What will not get rejected?…

Be_Awesome_ArtA compliment….Out of the blue can you give one today?  An authentic sincere compliment because we should never feel afraid to make someone feel special inside.  Why are we so afraid of paying someone a genuine compliment?

I found this out today and used this as a moment to share with my daughter as we were dropping off her brother at middle school.  Every morning, the assistant principal and two coaches direct traffic in and out of the drop off line….I noticed something today!  The assistant principal was dressed up in fine slacks, white shirt, and gorgeous tie.  I looked his way and said, “Look Mia Faith, the assistant principal is all dressed up today!”  She sort of looked his way and then I said, “Well, he needs to know he looks good!”…one day, my kids are going to start ducking down in their seats saying to themselves, “I do not know this crazy lady I call MOM”  Anyway, I pulled up next to him, rolled my window down, and said, “Mr. ____, you sure look handsome today”…he looked sort of embarrassed and shocked all rolled up in one and then smiled and said, “Thank you very much.”  I smiled and said, “Have a good day!”……….

As I drove off, I said, “Sweetie, you know something?”  She replied, “What Mom?”  I continued, “If you see something that you like about someone else, never be afraid to pay them a compliment.  People will NOT get upset with you for paying them a compliment.”  She begins giving me a long story about teachers that wear nice outfits and how she could compliment them and so forth.  Then she said something powerful, “Someone could be feeling really sad that day and when you pay them a compliment it could make them happy again”…some days she seems so much more mature than the 7 year old girl she is.   She was right! so  I challenged her, “Today, out of the blue, pay someone a compliment and see what happens?”

Are you tired of getting rejected time and time again?  Well, how about you flip the focus off yourself and turn it toward someone – a stranger or someone you know and genuinely allow the compliments to flow….see what happens!

Have a blessed day as you are the blessing God will send someone today!

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