Are you a taker or receiver?

How would you describe yourself if asked, “Are you a taker or receiver?”….

When someone goes to give you something, do you use one hand or two hands when taking?…

I heard a beautiful sermon and it really made me think.

If we reach out with one hand, we are more selfish as if to say, “Give it to me, it is mine!”  like a child taking a toy away from another child.

If we reach out with both hands, we are more grateful as if to say, “I receive your gift.”

Picture yourself for a moment, reaching with one hand…”Less sincere, get it over with, it is mine, half way into it”

Now, picture yourself for a moment, reaching with both hands…”grateful to accept, fully committed, humble, very receptive”

No wonder hugs are so appreciated!  …we use both hands as we give to someone else instead of taking.

Now hug someone today just because …no reason, “just because”

And teach those kiddos to receive with both hands as you teach yourself to receive and give with both hands…HCP-Refer-mental-health-referral-signpost-elderly-lady-hands-540x300


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