Honey, can we sit down and…

Have you ever said to your spouse or kids, “Honey can we sit down and listen to each other?” Or are we used to saying, “Honey can we sit down and talk?”  Ouch!  We are made up of a society who wants to have the last word and social media is proof of this very thing.  How much more value could we take from any conversation if we took the time to really listen and throw our agenda’s out the window?

Through my own experiences, not enough to brag about I can assure you, when I truly took time to listen without even knowing what I may respond, the other person kept on talking and sharing more of their heart with me.  In return, I found a few encouraging words or words of wisdom that came from my mouth.

As a fun test, it would be funny to tape our mouths shut during a sit down conversation just to see how uneasy it feels to keep from interrupting the other person.  I know what you are saying because I say it all the time, “But I am going to forget to tell them what I am thinking at that moment.”  How about you say a silent prayer asking God to give you the thoughts and words He wants you to use and help you remember those instead of worrying about your own agenda which prevents you from truly listening anyway.

Maybe we are the angel someone needs in our life today because we took the time to listen. I believe listening = good relationships.15086842-brunette-businesswoman-throwing-up-papers-in-the-air-Stock-Photo



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