I want to be famous…

images (1) broadwayMy son and I were riding along in the car the other day, when all of a sudden he blurted out, “I want to be famous.”  I smiled and then decided to use this as a teachable moment. I replied, “Well, you know what?”  He looked at me and reminded me, “Mom you are not supposed to say whatGosh my efforts in good manners is working!  My kids know this Mom cringes every time I hear a kid say WHAT to an adult.

Anyway, I continued, “You are already famous.”  He looked surprised.  I started with, “Hey what other kid out there is getting ready to have his own book come out this fall?”  He smiled.  ( Yes, we are very excited about the release of Marvel in your Autistic Eyes, Character lessons from my son as we encourage other families with the beauty in these amazing lives ) But, it is not about the book, it is about something more wonderful and powerful.  I said, “Son, you are famous in your father’s eyes.  Your heavenly father!”  He replied, “I am?”  I was on a roll now and said, “Yes, and to prove it, you know what he did?”  He got excited, “What did he do?”  Yes, I could have gone on with Jesus dying on the cross to save us from our sins- the ultimate sacrifice, but Jesus led me down a different road with this conversation.  I then said, “You are so famous in Jesus’ eyes that when he made Ethan, he threw away the mold.  He did not want any other Ethan on this earth because you were so wonderful and perfect to Him in every way.  Then when he made Mary (me) he threw away the mold too.” (and I promise you that you can insert your name too!)

No matter how much we mess up and do things we would never want anyone to know, you are so loved and enamored by Jesus.  He is so proud of the work of making you.  You are HIS creation and He wants to do great things through the life he perfectly created for you.  Don’t you want to be all your were meant to be so Jesus can smile down from heaven and whisper to the angels, “Look at my beautiful child living to please me”….

Now we can praise Him today for this amazing truth…  Psalm 139:14

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