And who you are when everyone is watching…

You know we have all heard the term, “Character is who you are when no one is watching.”  Well, I also believe and used it as a teachable moment for my daughter last night as I said watching the end of the NBA playoffs…yes, this Mom LOVES NBA basketball.  I said, “Now that is true manly character.”  She asked, “What do you mean?”  I said, “Character is also who you are when everyone is watching.”  I continued, “Look at Curry and Green”  She asked, “Is that number 30 Mama the one who loves Jesus?”  She hears us talking about Curry a lot as a good role model for kids.  I said, “Yes, but also his teammate, Draymond Green.  Their hearts are crushed right now thinking back on how they could have lost this NBA playoff when they were up 3 games to 1.  They want to do nothing but be alone and not have cameras all over them, but instead, they are waiting, in defeat, to hug and congratulate the other team on their well-deserved victory.”  I, of course like I do many times, started crying because my heart hurt for the Warriors, but I was also happy for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

She responded, “I will always stay and congratulate the other team.”  I smiled because of her sweet 7 year old innocence with an effort to please her Mommy.  Gosh, life just isn’t that easy.  We get frustrated and mean when we lose and the last thing we want to do is have strong character to hold our heads up high in defeat.

Life hurts many times, but God can give us the courage to use defeat to make us even stronger while building a character that you can be proud knowing everyone is watching…

What kind of character do  you want to display today?NBA FINALS


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