Greatest congregation…our children

000_0048When we hear the word “congregation” we immediately think of people gathering for a religious service.

What if we thought of the word “congregation” in a new way?  Our greatest congregation should be our children.  How much time do we spend with them listening to some story about “nothing”; however, it is a story that matters to your child?

Are we more concerned with what is happening in the social media world that we begin to use these methods as the “congregations” we are trying to impress the most.  Are these same social media “congregations” going to be there for you when times get really tough?..Most likely, not so much, but our family – our children– will be there through thick and thin, yet these are the same people- our children– we give little attention toward.

What happened to impressing good values, morals, manners, and quality time into the life of the children we have been blessed to call – mine?

You were blessed with the very child you have because this is what God knew you could handle.  This child’s life may be used to help  you become a better person.  I am learning this everyday in the life of a child with autism.  He is bringing out the best in me!  WOW! I never thought I would have come to that place in my life.  A child called “special” brings out the best in me who most may call “normal.” 

So I challenge you and me today:  Gather our congregation- our children– and learn something new about them today!  There has to be something you do not know about your child, but with the right questions, you can definitely find out…your children are waiting to be heard!

“Her children rise up and call her blessed”…Proverbs 31:28

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