Coming soon…Marvel in your Autistic Eyes

I have to admit the best part of completing a very long project of writing a book is deciding on the cover design. It is like “a- kid -in -a -candy- store” kinda moment.  One that brings forth a sense of perseverance and determination to complete the gift that has been given to me. Once it is seen and I can pretend I am holding it for the 1st time, tears begin to flow and flow some more as I sit in praise because my Heavenly Father trusted me with something powerful to share with the world. And yes, then I stop and feel scared to death because I am human.

I am reminded when I see the cover of the book how many tears of sadness flowed in the early years of autism for my son.  In time, the tears turned into tears of joy as my son helps me see the world through the most beautiful literal eyes filled with acceptance, contentment, honesty, forgiveness, self-control, mindfulness, enthusiasm, respectfulness, courage, generosity, and oh so much love.  In our upcoming journey, I hope you, too, can be encouraged as you hear funny, very funny indeed, stories of how amazing children with autism truly are!

I invite you to take this journey with us as we uncover many character traits that make us stop and scratch our heads and ask, “Are children with autism the people we should call normal?” and “Are we who are called normal, the ones who are not so normal?”  Stay tuned as I share the release date with you.

Today, what gives you that “a-kid-in-a-candy-store” kinda moment?  Does Jesus come to your mind in those moments?  That is what I pray for you…Wasson FRONT COVER  gold


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