I have a new husband…

I knew I could get some of my friends and followers to open this message since I gave it a very juicy title…one that many may have wanted to open just to see if I could become their flavor-of-the-end-of-the-week gossip.  Well, keep reading…

I have some really good news to share as I was listening to a beautiful story told by Kirk and Chelsea Cameron, TV actors and Kirk is an evangelist, too.

The reason I have a new husband is because everyday of our marriage, I can give him a new me.  A new me that forgives even when I want to be stubborn and say, “Well he doesn’t deserve that.”  This is all about me because it is very selfish!  Don’t allow Satan to dig some deep roots into your heart of unforgiveness because these roots will sprout other unforgiving weeds ( and weeds are ugly)  and then they will grow and grow and when you least expect it, they will suffocate you.

I like what Kirk and Chelsea said, “When you feel your spouse doesn’t deserve forgiveness for something they have wronged you about,”  say to yourself, “What I do to God each and every day is far worse than what my spouse has done to me,” AND YET, God wants me and you back every time.  He longs for a deep relationship with us, “your own beautiful love story” AND He wants a beautiful relationship between your spouse and you.

Are you having an affair with something that makes you feel good like, “baseball, football, my girlfriends, church activities, shopping, golf, my children, growing up the corporate ladder, and so forth?”…ask God to help you to put your spouse after Him, not other things that make us feel so good about yourself.  When we begin to do this, not only will God bless, but He will give us many honeymoon moments with the spouse He placed in your life.  You will begin to focus on the good rather than the bad in this woman or man.

Marriage is just down-right hard!  But, it can also be very wonderful when we begin to see the good in our mate and stop focusing on the bad because we can put down the notebook of “I gotcha” for another wrong they do to us.

When we want to throw our hands up and say, “I am done,” stop and “LOOK TO THE CROSS!” and remember what Jesus did for you and me and become being a new YOU so you can be a beautiful bride or groom to the one God has entrusted into your life.

Ephesians 4:32…”Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you.”158253611_yes-to-the-rose-bride-groom-couple-wedding-cake-topper-


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