Did you get an invitation?

As the events unfold in our country today, are you full of anger, resentment, rage, confusion, sarcasm, hostility, prejudice, bitterness, irritated, envy, and well, too many more to name?   Well, if so, you must have received your invitation to join Satan as he celebrates the accomplishments he has set forth to achieve.  He is planning a big party and if you fit the profile just listed, you are invited.  He wants to continue to manipulate you into thinking everyone should hear your point of view and he has desensitized people to have compassion and care for someone dying who needs assistance instead of making sure the moment is captured because you want the world to see…hey, side note, “Jesus sees all.”

Jesus is the ultimate judge.  The day I turned on my television and saw the live recording of the young woman recording her boyfriend dying in the car, I just started sobbing and aching for this dying man, his girlfriend, the officer and anyone else who had their footprints at the scene.  I immediately grabbed both my children by the hand and said as I turned the television off, “We need to pray now.”  I cried out to God for each one of them.

My pastor said it so well, “Can’t we just weep with those that weep?”  I added, and feel true sorrow, not seeing any color of one’s skin and not be so quick to pass immediate judgment.  “For in the same way  you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”…Matthew 7:2

Jesus tries so hard to warn us in this scripture because he knew this day was coming.  I have a special invitation that I would like to offer you.  It is an invitation to meet Jesus for the 1st time and see how he can transform your life into one of compassion, grace, lots and lots of grace, empathy, mercy, forgiveness, lots and lots of forgiveness and everything else wonderful you can think of.  Literally, you will have to pinch yourself sometimes saying, “The old me would have never acted this gracious.”…well, it is because you are born again and only through His amazing power and strength will you be changed forever.

It is  not about a feel good message, no, trusting in God is hard many days because of the confusion all around us, but “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world,” (reference  1 John 4:4) see as Christians, we already know the ending to this great story…He has overcominvitation-to-a-party-is-one-of-best-ideas-which-can-be-applied-into-your-Party-invitation-9e the world! and this is a party I want to attend…how about you?

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