Liar, liar…pants on fire

Wow, we all have witnessed the consequences of lying this week in the media which started with a fabricated story from an Olympic gold medalist in swimming.  Sadly, one lie turned into another lie and maybe since he was getting attention, (not like he is needing anymore) the temptation to not only continue lying, but get juicier with the lies was just too much and he took the bait.  Even more alarming, he took some other teammates down with him because the lie he told had to be covered up by lies they then told to protect his 1st lie.  The tricky part about lying…we sometimes forget the 1st lie, or was it the 2nd lie, oh gosh, maybe it was the 3rd lie?….and then a tangled web unravels all around us.

We can’t be so judgmental and point ugly fingers…we all LIE!!! Period! And gosh, can we talk ourselves into beautiful reasons why….”I might hurt someone’s feelings”…this is the brilliance of Satan at work.  He can actually convince us – it is a good thing for you to lie.

One thing that I love about children with autism…they are honest!  Yes, sometimes brutally honest like the time my son asked me reluctantly, “Mom, is that a baby in your belly?”…. when in fact it was an extra roll of unwanted fat!  That down right hurt, but it was truthful.

This is one of the beautiful character qualities that I highlight in our upcoming book, Marvel in your Autistic Eyes, Character lessons from my son.  See, lying takes a lot of manipulation and careful crafting to pull it off.  God did not make children with autism to think this way.  They think purely and honestly and then to top it off (like a delicious cherry on top) children with autism don’t judge even after someone lies!

Some beautiful lessons to learn.

In the end, the saddest part about the excessive “lying scandal at the Olympics” is that many amazing athletes who worked tirelessly and with complete dedication for four long years, were almost tossed to the side because our society would rather focus on things that brings others down and feel yucky all over.  To every Olympian who competed…thank you for your amazing dedication because you are roles models to many dreamers – to many children who once dreamed the same way you did.

“An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips”…Proverbs 24:26



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