3 simple rules for raising children…

Well, we all know raising children is anything but simple!  But it is always nice to share very practical tips with other Mom’s and anyone wanting to be a Mom one day.

I heard these 3 simple rules from a pastor I listen to on the radio while driving for work.

I call them “the 3 L’s”:

  1. Life- Be fair
  2. Love- Be firm
  3. Laughter- Be fun

In life, every day life, be fair to your kiddos.  Kids pick up quickly when we show favoritism toward a brother or sister so make sure everyone is treated fairly.

In love, be firm.  This means discipline.  Even if you have a child called special or a child called normal, discipline is needed so they can learn right from wrong and good from bad.  Nothing is worse than being around an undisciplined child.

My favorite- Laughter- for heaven’s sake, be fun!  and then be more fun!  Get up and dance with your kids all around the house because disco tunes bring back funky fun times.  Be silly together!  Do sleepovers in the backyard and tell scary stories.

A recent funny story which still has my husband in pain:  I talked my husband into taking my daughter to cheer like all the other Dad’s that were sweet-talked into doing the same thing.  Anyway, he came home picking on her because it sounded like she was whispering instead of yelling on the field.  He said, “Cheer like you mean it” and decided he would show her how it was to be done.  He proceeded with the cheer, yes it was bad, and when he went to kick his leg up, well he lost his balance and landed flat on the hardwood floor.  We all just rolled laughing and well, Dad is kinda sore, but you know what?  Every time he thinks about his sore bottom, I think inside he laughs because we made “laughter moments” together.

Laughter is actually great to use when you are arguing with your spouse too by doing something funny or silly right in the middle of the argument just to break the tension.

We may not all have the time to be the Martha- Stewart- type Mom’s, but you know, our kids will remember every fun moment we made with them and for them!  Making laughter together doesn’t cost us any money either when it is done inside the home!

Try laughing together!

I appreciate your comments and likes as together we learn about loving –just being Mom!



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