What would your illustrator create?

I was doing a quick interview with my son, 13 years of age, about his new book, Marvel in your Autistic Eyes and he decided to quickly jump in with:

“Hi my name is Ethan and the name of my book is Marvel in your Autistic Eyes and it is written by Mary Wasson and illustrated by Mr. Williams!”

Then,  you can hear me in the background as I begin laughing because there are no illustrations inside his new book.  I asked him later 1st:  Who is Mr. Williams? and 2nd:  What made him say this?

Believe me, this element of “surprise” is found daily from his amazing thinking.

When I told him there were no illustrations, but only real pictures, he replied with, “Oh!” I never found out who Mr. Williams is- I guess he is make-believe.

But, like many times, the question stayed with me and I pose this question to you?

If an illustrator was to follow you for a day, what would they create about your life?  Would there be secrets there you would never want to reveal to the world?  Would they draw your face with a smile much like a rainbow?  Or, would your smile be illustrated more like a sour lemon? Would your life be like a cartoon because you have the gift of making people laugh?tumblr_ngjlt0reai1r51oypo9_1280… interesting to think about, but something for us to think about as we live our daily lives.

It quickly takes me inside the pages of Marvel in your Autistic Eyes when I did my best to make out my son’s not-so artistic blog on some take home art.  Gosh, this Mom sure did try!

Need some encouragement?  This is what you will find inside the pages of my recent release.

May it leave you laughing, crying, and feeling inspired by the lives touched with autism.

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