United We Stand…

Without realizing, a t-shirt I had picked out for my son to wear to school today got this Mom fired up as my kids had to hear my take on a player who has decided to sit during the national anthem.  My son was like, “Mom, I think you need to calm down.”

So here is my take to my kids:  I wish every time this NFL player decides to show disrespect for what the national anthem stands for -( BRAVE men and women putting themselves on front enemy lines so you and I can be safe and have freedoms we just take for granted) that we could take AWAY another MILLION of his earnings and give it to the military people serving our country! They truly would earn every penny!!!!  I bet he may even complain he doesn’t make enough money and because he was demoted to a back- up quarter back he is crying like a little baby so he wants to show his tale off!  What a great example you are setting for our young people that says, “When you do not get your way, SULK, and then find a way to bring the attention back to yourself (who cares if it is bad attention)”….

Player, if you want to do something positive ….then get your LAZY tale off the bench and take positive action in communities that need a role model that will offer hope and safety!  BRAVE men and women do not sit idle and wait for someone else to protect our great nation…NO, for YOU and for ME they go out and protect our freedoms that so many are trying to take away.

Then I would slap you with so many fines and for every fine you paid, I would give this to our veterans who are so forgotten after they come home….we do not take time to stop and thank them for past- sacrifices and for post- trauma that many of them have to live with daily!

Military – I am sorry that this player is getting all the attention, but unfortunately media loves to share stories of negativism instead of stories of the amazing heroic acts that you do for us daily – abroad and at home!

Yes, this Mom was fired up this morning because tears stream down my face knowing we are a nation that has turned our back on God.  I believe God cries alongside of me and I just look up to heaven and say, “I am sorry Father.”

I say we all get together and buy this PLAYER some new running shoes so he can begin running around and making positive changes in the city where he lives.

How can we pay players this kind of money and continue to attend their games when they show such disrespect?  Wouldn’t it be something if military men and women said, “You know I cannot go and serve on the front enemy lines unless you bump my salary to ten million a year”…and they deserve it!!!



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