The Unwanted Hand…

The innocence of a precious child can in an instant be stripped away

By the unwanted hand, who without any regard for human life, selfishly targeted

this child as one on which to prey


A complete emptiness, confusion, dirtiness, and filth consumes this child for years

Keeping this deep dark secret as Satan fills this child with guilt as she hides all her tainted tears


Nightmares fill many nights in a very lonely room

For the unwanted hand has now scarred a pure and innocent heart as it still comes back to consume


Even though this child tries to wash all this ugliness from her past

These horrible memories seem that they will forever last


There is one hope that can ultimately be found

It is the extended nail- scarred hand of Jesus that is all around


The reluctance of this child to take another hand

Is fully understood by this loving Jesus; therefore, he gently knocks at this heart

never making any demands


The glorious day comes one day

When this once abused child has been captured by the Heavenly Father as He lovingly

wipes every tainted tear away


Slowly He takes everything bad that Satan tried to once use

When Satan stole an innocent childhood by filling her heart with a huge bruise


Now this child of God humbly takes this perfect wanted hand and holds it tightly

with a firm grip

For she never wants the Hand of her Heavenly Father to ever slip


With God every bad feeling will now be replaced with a clean Spirit through His ultimate acceptance and love

And He will erase memories of the unwanted hand as He prays for His wanted child

from the heavens above…


I found this poem I had written back in 2013 and I felt God wanted me to share it with someone out there who has been abused and possibly had your childhood stripped away.

I watched some children, innocently, crossing the street the other day and this little girl captured my eye with her bow covering her eyes because she had played so hard on the playground- well, she was just a mess.  She was so adorable and so innocent and then I felt a prompting to stop at that very moment and PRAY because there was a child somewhere in this world being abused in those very moments!  I cried hard for whatever child I was praying for because I cannot fathom someone abusing precious innocent children.

So in this hectic life, just stop sometimes and PRAY – simply pour your heart out for a child who may be spared from the UNWANTED HAND because you cared enough for them…

I am sorry for anyone who has to endure the Unwanted Hand… May you trust again just enough to take Jesus by the Hand…proverbs3_5-6




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