No price too high!

A lady found a piece of very expensive jewelry and really wanted to treat herself to it; however, she knew she needed to include her husband in this “major purchase” decision.  Unfortunately, he was going to be out of town for several weeks so she had to write him via text and asked if she could buy it.  He replied “No price too high!”  She was simply ELATED and immediately went to purchase this fine piece of jewelry.

What he meant to say was, “No, price too high!”…..Who would ever think something so small like a “,” could have such powerful implications?….It reminds me of this small muscle in our bodies called the “tongue”.  Out of all the muscles inside our bodies, the tongue holds such power because it has the ability in a matter of seconds to build someone up or tear them down!

Do you think before you speak? or do you find yourself always wishing you could take something back that has already been said?  Don’t you just gravitate to people who encourage you and see the positives in things you do and say?!  I do!  AND I want to be just like that!

Test yourself tomorrow and see how many times you find yourself complimenting or expressing the good in things around you by “praising Jesus” or “praising others”  OR how many times in a day does nothing but negativism come from your tongue.  It may be time to do some “tongue cleaning” and find the beauty and goodness in life!  4q1tjuyf6mplhgtyytuxyt4t7-600x399x1

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