No matter what, kids make us laugh and cry

ct-sc-fam-parenthood-0318-a-jpg-20140318During the holidays, I feel compassion for a Mom or Dad who has to take their little child along with them as they go shopping!  YIKES!  Quickly, the shopping experience turns “not so much fun” as a child begins running through the store aisles or begins hiding in the clothes racks, etc.  It will make you pull your hair out.

I just have to share a very sweet gesture from my son that happened when we entered the busy Target store on Saturday.  Due to his mild autism, he, many times, notices things other kids his same 14 year old age would NEVER notice and I am simply grateful!  As we got our buggy and we headed inside the store, we both noticed a very elderly man walking toward the register holding a book or something to purchase.  My heart immediately went out to him because he was so old he could barely walk.  Then my son looked at me and said, “Mom, I think I should go and see if that elderly man needs help.”  I said, “I think he will be ok, he is just elderly.”  He replied, “Just wait Mom.  Let me go and make sure he doesn’t need help.”  I stood there speechless.  I waited not knowing what he would say or do when he approached the man.  Then I watched him as he came back and he said, “He is going to be ok Mom, he made it to the register.”  I wanted to start crying because I was so touched by his compassion.  Yes, this Mom felt a little proud shopping this day because I could call this young man- my son.

But, I have also had those moments when I want to pull my hair out because my kids embarrass me in public.  It reminds me of a story I recently heard that definitely will make you and me laugh every time.  Parents decided to take little Johnny into the church service at the delicate age of 3 and it was very difficult for Johnny to sit still during the service.  He kept trying to run away from his Dad who was holding him as tight as he could and kept talking.  The Dad could feel all the judgmental glances coming his way.  Finally, the Dad had enough and whispered to the Mom that it was time to take Johnny out of the service.  As Dad held Johnny and began walking down the aisle to exit out the front doors, Johnny blurted out to the congregation, “Pray for me!  Pray for me!”….and yes, the congregation erupted in laughter!

May you have some moments this week when your child makes you cry because of something beautiful they say or do and then may you have moments when they make you laugh as you realize how blessed you are to have them in your life!

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