The Farmer and Struggling Birds…

There was an old grouchy farmer who lived alone and spent many Christmas days by himself since his wife passed away.  He had no friends because he never did anything to make anyone feel welcomed.

One day the bitter cold temperatures rolled in and this farmer heard some strong pecks at his window.  Since the house was so lonely, he rushed to see what was making this loud noise.  He saw several birds pecking at his window looking for shelter from the increasing cold temperatures outside.  In these moments, this “act of feeling needed” made the farmer’s heart feel warm and he wanted to help.

The farmer put on his coat and boots and headed to his barn because he wanted to make a safe place for these birds to stay through winter.   He opened the barn doors after he had gathered much hay for the birds to stay warm through winter and watched from his kitchen window but the birds were too afraid to go in.  He decided he would help them so he went back outside and made a line of crackers going into the barn to let them know they were welcomed.  Still the birds were too afraid.  No matter how much he tried the birds would not go into the warm safe barn.

The farmer said, “If only I could become a bird so I could tell them what I am trying to do..I am just trying to save them.”  Unfortunately, he could not become a bird and many birds perished this winter.3oem-stellars-jay-on-christmas-day-by-helen-reynolds

On the other hand, God said, “I will become man as I send my one and only Son, Jesus, to die the most brutal death on a cross.  I will completely empty myself and take on human flesh in this world of sin so I can share the good news of knowing Jesus.  Many will come to know me because of this ultimate sacrifice of LOVE I will offer the world.”

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