Second vs. Last…

mother-son-playing-chess-park-32358815It simply amazes me how we all view the world in different ways with different thoughts of optimism or negativism.

My son loves board games and he and I were playing his antique board game, Jumanji, that I thankfully found at an antique store for $10.  Anyway, at the end of the game, my son was very excited because he WON!  Yes, you seem to always have to announce it when you win.  He blurted out, “I won!”  I replied, “Good job buddy.”  Then he said something that stuck with me.  He said, “Mom, don’t worry because you did great too.  You came in 2nd place.”  I chuckled and replied, “Hey, you are right, I did!”

Now, the truth of our “game time” together was that there were ONLY TWO PLAYERS playing…him and me.  But, he didn’t say, “Sorry Mom, you came in LAST.”

Just like that smallest muscle in our entire grown up bodies, a few simple words can tear a person down in a matter of seconds OR this same tongue can lift someone up so high they feel they can soar like eagles.

As this NEW Year begins, begin to encourage more so we can all live in this big beautiful world with more peace and acceptance and less judging and pointing fingers as we blame.

Oh yes, my son is definitely my new board game partner….with him you NEVER lose, you just finish 2nd!

May many great unexpected blessings come your way this New Year!  Be the person everyone wants to play with and be around…

James 3:9

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