Good ole-fashioned CALENDAR…

If I could recommend ONE New Year resolution for you, it would be this:  Get yourself a good ‘ole fashioned calendarthat really means a wall calendar that you can write on! I say this because no one seems to use a real wall calendar anymore….everything is kept on devices instead so it seems old fashioned to most today!

Something amazing will happen for you like it began happening for me back in 2005.  This is when I started this.

Put the calendar somewhere special for just YOU and your CALENDAR.  Beginning now, in January, every single day that something important or even trivial, but important to you happens – just jot it on the date on your calendar.  Do this all year long!  It doesn’t have to be every day, but surely something great will happen once a week.

Then in January of 2018, when you can be alone ( for me it is early hours when I visit with Jesus) take your 2017 calendar out and go month by month and record and create a “Things I am most grateful for in 2017 list” and not only will you have a list of 10 to 30 things,  (every year my list grows because I keep a better calendar) but you will have the EXACT date they happened.  During this time, cry and laugh, like I do as I thank Jesus for so many blessings that YES I simply take for granted…this is the most beautiful reminder of how GREAT Jesus is to me!  There are HARD days in the calendar and there are GREAT days too!

For example:  My Mom, now 76, was put into the hospital last January two different times.  This January she is still alive and near me….YES, it reminds me to give thanks!  I could have NEVER remembered this on my own.

My son got braces last March so I can thank Jesus for this luxury as I watch this boy turn into a young man.

I LOVE to go back and review past lists and see when my daughter rode her bike for the 1st time without training wheels…OH, I can tell you the exact day, date, and year.

If you want something SO WONDERFUL to hand down to someone special in your life, then BEGIN your own 2017 calendar and see year after year memories that you can cherish and No “fly by night weight loss plan” can ever top this sentimental tradition.  Each year keep these tucked away somewhere special so you can pull them out every January or maybe when you are feeling down…keeping copies for a family member to keep for  you too is also a good idea in case your copy gets lost.

So, today, go to the store and purchase a wall calendar…nothing fancy because you may have it placed inside your closet…do this for you and for those you love!!!  And next year, you can come back and thank me:) I promise you will never be disappointed!

Blessings as you record all the amazing things that are going to take place for you in 2017!



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