Not massage, but an operation

Our ears perk up when we hear the word massage because we know this means a pampering is in sight.

Many people who want to have a relationship with Jesus want to feel pampered like a wonderful massage and only want the “feel good” messages because we want things easy.  People want to hear that ONLY the best is in store for you when you ask Jesus into your heart.  Well, that is true, but He needs to refine you first which means you will be put through the refiner’s fire (gosh does it burn) but when you come out shining, people will be drawn to you.

When you come into a personal relationship with Jesus, it is not at all a massage.  It is a full blown operation.  He changes you from the inside out ( removes things that do not need to be in your life) in-surgeryand things usually get harder instead of easier, but when the blessings come, they are far greater than you could have ever picked for your life.  Just like after an operation, it takes time to recover and get better, but once you are fully recovered, you are a new person.

So are you going to schedule a massage or an operation for your life?  The choice is yours.

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