Do dogs have a bad day?

We recently got a new puppy and boy is it alot of work.  It is just like having a baby because they get into everything they can due to their curiosity and vibrant spirit.  They like to sleep much during the day and become wide awake all night.  But, just like a baby, they are so adorable and you find yourself picking your puppy up all the time and loving all over them.  And, you take lots of puppy pictures because you know within a few weeks they will no longer look like the same puppy you brought home.  All of our dogs are rescue dogs so this warms my heart even more knowing we could open up our home filled with love to share with them.

I ask this question, “Do dogs have a bad day?”  Immediately, I find myself “No they do not.”  Overall, love is what a dog gives its owner.  Now, I can tell my doggies have been a little jealous having a new aggravating puppy around.  He wants to attack them all the time because he is so playful and when they have had enough, they snap at him which means STOP!  But, when I turn to one of my dogs to love on them, there is an immediate change in their expression- it is an expression of love.  Even after a stern discipline is given to them (when they try to run through the neighborhood), they still respond with love.

Unlike us, we can have a bad day.  And if we are not careful this one bad day can turn into several bad days until our life becomes full of negativity due to bitterness, unforgiveness, jealous, envy and so many other yucky emotions that ruin our existence.  And most of the time, we do not find people hanging around us anymore because our bad day brings less friends.

Gosh, life is hard and we will all struggle from time to time, but it is how quickly we get back on our feet (with a good attitude) and keep pressing forward to a dream or a goal that makes others want to follow in our footsteps.  When someone is having a good day, we are attracted to them because they somehow have a way of making us feel like our day is good also.

Much can be learned from the life of a dog.  They accept most people when they have good intentions, they make others feel good, they are fun to be around, they always greet their family with the sweetest welcome like a kiss (or a lick actually), they listen incredibly,  they want to please, and no matter how their owner treats them- they return the treatment with love…

Want a way to feel good today?  Consider adopting a dog so their beautiful life can rub off all over you!IMG_4145

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