He wants to rule over your kids “m”…

Do you know what Satan wants to be ruler over in our kids lives; however, we never give it a second thought?  It is something we all see everyday, yet we never think about the power of it.  Power comes when a silent enemy decides to say, “I rule this over you!”

It is the MIRROR.   So many times, our children are all alone when they decide to view themselves in the lonely mirror.  Suddenly, it is as if this mirror comes to life as children begin to hear whispers in their precious ears with words like, “you are so ugly!  look at your huge nose! look at all those nasty pimples! look at your crooked teeth!….” and so forth and so on…it never stops whispering “lies” and “thoughts/words” that will knock your child’s self-esteem flat onto the ground.

Have you ever watched your child walk out of a nearby bathroom and they look defeated before they have even started their day?  Parents we need to remind them the more beautiful they are on the inside, the more beautiful their appearance will become on the outside.

Many models today that we would dream of looking like are also defeated by the enemy (Satan) who holds their mirror in his hands too.  They look into the mirror and feel so ugly and fat and worthless all while selling millions of copies of magazine covers they were displayed on the front of.

As a parent, I realized the secret schemes of Satan that wants to destroy your children and my children.  If we love Jesus and want Him to use our lives, Satan has to become smarter than you and me and find a way to reach our kids.  Don’t underestimate him because he is brilliant in lies and deceit.

This week, place a few notes on the mirrors that your children will look into with reminders like, “Jesus is winking back at you!”….“Jesus loves to see your sweet smiling face every morning!”…..“Wow!  you have great hair and Jesus knows how many hairs you have! He is your friend!”  …JUST GET CREATIVE and remind them that Jesus loves every single flaw because each flaw can be used to reach someone struggling just like they are in life…together these flaws can form friendships…friendships that will encourage and build each other up!young woman looking into a mirror

Don’t let the enemy whisper anymore in your child’s ears as they look into the mirror!…

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