God sees you as…

Do you wonder how God sees you?  Well, God sees you as you will be.  He has a purpose for each of our lives; however, many people never discover their purpose or they are too afraid to pursue it.  We get caught up in so much that this world has to offer us- all tricks by Satan to prevent us from fulfilling our purpose.  An unique purpose only given to us.

Do you feel exhausted from work, transporting kids here and there, cleaning, cooking, church activities, and so forth?  Well, again, Satan will use things to distract us from becoming a LIFE FULL OF PURPOSE.  We may be a BUSY BODY or BUSY LIFE, but empty through and through.  When you do not know your purpose for even living, then life becomes frustrating, dull, depressing, and evil thoughts like suicide can even enter in…I mean why are you here anyway?  Why does it matter?

When you know your purpose that God has called you to do and accomplish, then life feels full of, well, LIFE!  Yes, the goal of fulfilling your purpose in life may seem so far out in the future or some day to scary to pursue, but you know in the depths of your heart this is what God has called you to do.  Even when you have to be your own cheerleader, never lose sight of your purpose in life.  KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE.  On the journey to fulfill your purpose, you may feel Satan’s attacks even stronger because this is the ONE thing he does not want us to do because he knows that the floodgates of blessings are going to open for you and me because we remained OBEDIENT in what God called us to do.

To get me closer to fulfilling my purpose, I have decided to NOT sign my kids up for most activities beginning in the fall.  I need a break and these distractions are preventing me time and energy to fulfill what God has placed in my life.  I feel a sense of peace because my kids still have plenty of time to get involved in activities…I thought to myself, “Am I being selfish?”  then I heard Jesus whisper, “How can you be selfish when your ultimate goal is to glorify Me in fulfilling the purpose I called you to do?”…Wow!  I feel good knowing each day gets me closer to fulfilling my purpose for Mary’s life.

Do you feel down today?  If you had to admit it, do you even know why you are living on this earth?  Freedom comes in knowing what Jesus has you to accomplish for Him.  It may take years to see it come to fruition, but “cheer” for yourself and never give up.  Ask Jesus, “Please do not give up on me and I won’t give up on You!”  ….  He is praying for you and me!

Now, it may be time for you to ask God, “Please reveal the purpose you have for my life.” Then be ready to set your life on a new track to become the most beautiful life because you are a life that fulfilled the purpose that God created you to be…He sees you as you will be!  vintage-girl-mirror-looking-happy-ms-cc-a-beautiful-young-woman-looking-at-the-image-of-herself-in-a-dirty-mirror-feeling-happy-and-smiling-middle-shot_qj84q

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