Bottle of Tears…

I walked in the room and saw different shapes and sizes and asked, “What are these bottles filled with?”

The warm inviting voice replied, “These bottles are filled with tears.  I collect tears -some joyful, but most sorrowful and plan to use these for my good.”

In those moments, I feel a touch on my skin as many flashbacks enter my mind when the most tears fell from my eyes.  For each moment in time, I felt the same touch on my face.

The warm inviting voice smiles and says, “Each time this was me collecting every tear that has fallen from your very face.  I plan to use these for my good.”

As He takes me by the hand, I am led out to the most beautiful vibrant color filled garden I have ever seen.  I feel such a sense of peace and love in this garden which is truly too much to fathom in my small mind.

I watch as another bottle of tears is opened and spread onto the soil near my feet.  Within minutes, a beautiful array of colors form up from the ground beneath me and one magnificent flower in bloom appears.

Then I watch as another bottle of tears is spread in a much wider space because this is a much bigger bottle of tears.  Within several moments the ground begins to slightly shake and then a beautiful oak tree begins to sprout up.  It is covered in the most vibrant green leaves.

I do not see, but I hear this same warm welcoming voice say to me, “As you have been given the power to see, I use these bottle of tears for something good.  These bottle of tears bring life to what once was just dirt.  I create something magnificent from something painful.  No tear is shed without a purpose for it.”

I immediately awaken from this amazing dream and I feel sad, because I want to experience more of it.  As I lie in bed thinking of what I just saw in my dream, thoughts come to mind.  “Many tears we shed are dirty tears because they are full of such unforgiveness.  These tears can be used for a greater good if we learn to forgive which frees us to love and live again.  So many tears will stay on the shelves of life for a long time because only when there is true forgiveness can they be used for a greater good.”

As I stand to get out of my bed, for the first time in a long time, I notice some of the most beautiful flowers outside my window in bloom.  Oh, please allow my eyes to be opened to the good that surrounds me every day by focusing more on You and less on Me. tumblr_m79crtl9pe1qhmhdfo1_500

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