Joy + Joy =

choose-joy-button-1Joy + Joy = Joy Overflowing….seems like a simple formula right?  When we have joy in our lives and we know what we are doing is pleasing to Christ, thus giving Him joy, then our joy overflows into other lives.

When we keep our eyes focused on Christ despite all the distractions around us and discover our purpose for our life, then we have a joy inside our hearts.  Even when we have days where we feel like we are dodging the devil’s darts because we know he wants to destroy us, we still have a joy deep within our heart.  Many times I find myself praying, “Jesus please do not give up on me and I will not give up on you.”  I know my purpose for my life and many times I lack motivation or I have to deal with distractions, even good distractions, that keep me moving closer to seeing my purpose fulfilled.  And many times, I just feel like Jesus is taking too long, but I know it is in His hand’s and He will help me fulfill His purpose for my life when He is ready.  He will never be a minute late!

We then want to share our joy with others.  We may not share with everyone our true purpose we know Jesus has for our lives because people may look at us like we have three heads…the purpose for our lives always includes Jesus in the equation!  In our own strength and power, it seems simply impossible.  Without His intervention, it will not happen because He wants to receive the glory for all of it.

We become more joyful and enjoyable to be around and our joy becomes contagious.  This school year, this is going to be my greatest math equation….joy (in my life) + joy (my life is pleasing to Jesus) = Joy overflowing…..

I am still going to make stupid mistakes and find myself so unworthy to have a beautiful purpose to give God the glory, but again, I choose to keep my eyes focused on Him!


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